About Glopaca

Glopaca BV was founded in 1999 and has a lot of experience in the area of the paper and board export.

Glopaca has two owners, Roel Remmers and Gertjan Ansing, and they have both been active in paper export since the early nineties.

Roel Remmers (left in the picture) was born on 2 May 1966 and is married to Jacqueline and father of two kids, Jeske and Noor.
Roel started his carreer in international trading in 1990 and has been active in the paper export since 1991. At Glopaca he is responsible for the African markets.

Gertjan Ansing (right in the picture) was born on 26 May 1970 and is married to Corine and father of three kids, Tomas, Floor and Rik. He started to work internationally in 1993 in the graphic industry and since 1995 in the paper export of which two years in the United States. At Glopaca he is responsible for the Latin American region.

Roel and Gertjan themselves are directly responsible for all accounts and as a consequence you are sure that you will always speak to the person who can make decisions on the spot. Of course this makes doing business with us direct, easy and straightforward.

Since 2015 Sandra van Heeswijk joined our team to support us in the administrative processing of our orders.

Over the years, Glopaca has developed relations with a good number of mills worldwide and this allows us to obtain whatever suits your needs; high quality material and competitive pricing.

We regularly visit all our customers, wherever they are. We do so as we like to underline our involvement in their companies and show our appreciation for each and every one of their orders. We are confident that the people that do business with us feel so and therefore we think that it is safe to say:

“Our Paper, Your Success”


Because of our travels abroad we realize all too well that many in our world do not enjoy the basic needs for a life that we would wish for our families and kids. Water, food, shelter and eduction are fundamental rights for everybody. In the regions where we work, in Africa as well as in the Caribbean, children especially are very vulnerable.

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